Each hot tub comprises 350 gallons of US CDC approved sanitizer!
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We are closed Memorial Day

Covid-19 Protocols

Our top priority will always be the safety of our customers and staff. We are proud to provide an Oasis, clean, peaceful, and safe, for our customers to relieve the stress of these uncertain times. Given the current circumstances, we are implementing the following protocols to keep our customers and staff protected:


New Hours are Noon to 10:30PM.
We are not offering Massage or Sauna at this time.


Due to the recent health crisis limiting our services and capacity, and the cost of the many new accommodations required, we need to raise our prices:

$23 Hot Tubs per person, per hour.
As of June 15th we are accepting cash payments and making change. We are still accepting touchless payments (Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay) and Credit Cards (Visa/Master). Our credit card machine is setup for card processing with no attendant assistance required.


Masks must be worn at all times in all public areas, including lobby, walkways, and bathrooms. Once guests are secure in their assigned private hot tub area, wearing a mask is optional. However, upon leaving your private hot tub area, all guests must resume wearing masks.
Per California Covid Guidelines of June 15th we are now limiting hot tub use to three adults.
We are only allowing a maximum of two guests in the lobby at a time. Lobby air is filtered with a Blue Hepa Air Filter(removes 99.97% of airborne pollutants).
Bathroom use is restricted to one guest at a time.
There are red "X"s on the pavement outside the lobby entrance door to ensure social distancing while waiting. Please do not enter lobby if customer/customers are present. If you have paid for a hot tub and there is a wait, we will take your cell phone number and ask you to wait in your vehicle. We will call when your hot tub is ready.
Hand sanitizers are provided at the front entrance. One sanitizer is conveniently located for customers entering lobby and one conveniently located for customers leaving. We ask you to please take advantage of it before interacting with attendant.


All staff have been issued contactless digital infrared thermometers so they can take their temperature before coming to work. All staff members are required to have temperatures checked upon arrival for their shift. Any staff member with an elevated temperature will be sent home.
Staff members are required to wear a mask at all times.
All interactions with customers must take place behind large clear Plexiglass® acrylic sheet barriers.
Bathrooms and Lobby are sanitized and checked at least once an hour.


Each hot tub is 350 gallons of US CDC approved sanitizer (water and chlorine).
Tub chemicals are checked and balanced every hour.
Private hot tub areas are cleaned and sanitized between customers. Special attention is paid to all high contact areas.
We are currently providing Towels.
Once customers leave their private hot tub area, customers must wear a mask and social distance (six feet) at all times.

With everyone following these necessary protective protocols, and adding a dose of common sense, customers should feel safe relaxing in their hot tub and staff should feel safe providing a great service.

We are very thankful for your support.

Please stay healthy.

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We take our last one hour hot tub customer at 10:30PM

Visa & MC accepted.

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