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Hot Tubs

Our spa is the perfect way to escape for an hour by yourself or with friends or family.

Each of our 10 hot tubs are in a private garden setting with covered dressing area and shower.

The hot tub itself can be either a sheltered (covered) tub or a skyview (open to the sky) tub.

We usually run a range of water temperatures.

One Hour (60 Minutes) per person $21
Tubs open everyday at Noon.
First come first served. We do not make hot tub reservations.
Free extra half hour before 5 PM Monday-Thursday.
Towels provided.
We take our last one hour tub at 10 PM.

Hot Tub Discount Cards Available

Substantial Savings for Frequent Users

Some restrictions apply.

Single 10 Use Discount Card $180
Double 10 Use Discount Card $350

Additional Fee required for use on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings after 5:30 and for some Holidays.

Must be used within One Year.

A Place to Relax - A Place to Renew

925 472-0852

Spa is OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK. Closed Tuesday.
Massage & Sauna Appointments currently closed due to Covid 19.
Hot tubs open at Noon
We take our last one hour hot tub customer at 10 PM

Visa & MC accepted.

American Family Sauna and Tub, LLC

Our Oasis Spa is Celebrating Our 44th year serving the East Bay.

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Pleasant Hill, CA

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